Scheduling an Appointment with Susan Athey

Note these instructions are for Harvard students only except in special circumstances.

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At regular intervals (usually weekly or biweekly depending on the time of year), I designate hours for student meetings. When the hours are posted, I simultaneously send out emails announcing these hours.  If I do not have any hours currently posted and you would like to meet soon, please email me and that may prompt me to get the next set of hours on the schedule.

You can then check the schedule and sign up for an appointment on Google calendar, following the instructions below.  I prefer that you sign up for 1/2 hour appointments except in special circumstances or unless you are on the job market.

If none of the posted times work, let me know via email and we can work something out.  Likewise, let me know if the hours fill up and I will post more.

Please follow these instructions to schedule an appointment using Google calendars.

1.  Email my assistant, Ann Richards ( ) to let her know that you would like to make an appointment. She will add your name to my list of Google calendar users and email you an invitation to join if you don't already have an account. You should also be added to the email list for calendar announcements at that time.  If you would like to start or stop receiving email announcements about my office hours, let me know directly.

2. Go to

3.  Create an account, verify it (Google will send you an email), and sign in.

4  When the calendar page comes up, you will see the names of whatever calendars you are authorized to use listed to the left of the open calendar. MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THE CALENDAR CALLED "Susan Athey's Office Hours."

5.  Click on the time slot you would prefer on the appropriate day, which will bring up a window where you should enter your name (in the box next to "What"). The appointments are in are in hour-long blocks by default, so to create a half-hour appointment click "edit event details," which will allow you to customize the time slot to be a half-hour.  Make sure that you have added the appointment to "Susan Athey's Office Hours" calendar (see the "Which" box), not your own calendar.

6.  Click "save." When you return to the calendar page, your name should appear in the block you chose.

7.  I may occasionally suggest changes in appointments by return email.


8.  Troubleshooting