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This page is designed to provide information to my fellow users of voice recognition software.  I am providing this information based on my own personal experiences.  I hope that the information is helpful to you.  Unfortunately, I cannot provide technical support, nor am I qualified to do so, so please use this information at your own risk!

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My Setup

I am using Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional version 3.52 on a Windows 98 platform.  I have a 550 MHz Dell Dimension with 384 MB of RAM, with a  TBS Montego II audio card.  I use a Plantronics MX-10 microphone, one that allows me to use the same headset for dictating and for talking on my ISDN telephone.  Before this, I used Naturally Speaking version 3 on a Dell Lattitude Laptop, at 233 MHz and 128 MB.  I saw enormous improvements with the new system, but the old system was adequate.

The Professional version of NaturallySpeaking is essential to make use of the macro capababilities.  You can use the macros posted here only if you have Professional.  It is definitely worth it.

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Links to the Experts

I have made great use of the information posted by several NaturallySpeaking Gurus.  The links are listed below:

Utility to Merge Global.dvc files.  I highly recommend this utility for those who want to share macros, or just have a safe way to load in macros you write yourself.  It allows you to take a text file with macros, error-checks it, and then loads it into your dvc file.  It seems to remove comments, however.  Feel free to use it to merge in portions of my global.dvc file.  (Personally, I would not use it on someone else's global.dvc file in its entirety, as you might not want all of their macros and it could lead to unexpected results!)

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Unofficial Information Page.  Lots of neat stuff, aimed at sophisticated users.  Check it out!  I won't even try to duplicate the kinds of helpful hints found here.  One thing to look for in particular: instructions to enable select-and-say in other applications, such as Eudora.

MacroView, the software I used to post my macros.  This software is far from perfect but it is the best I have found.

Two very useful email lists, that you can receive in digest format:  Sorehand, with general RSI issues; and Voice Users, for voice recognition users.

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My Macros

Okay, here they come: my macros.  A few things: First, I have deleted a number of my personal macros (i.e. my email address, etc.) but a few may remain.  Watch for those.
Second, BACK UP YOUR GLOBAL.DVC FILE IN A SAFE PLACE BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO MODIFY IT IN ANY WAY!!  I personally keep dated versions, at least one a month.
Third, the files contain all macros, including standard macros that come with your system.  So for the Global Commands Menu, you already have most of those macros.  Many of mine start with "Command".  If you use NatMerge, duplicate macros are taken care of.

For my colleagues, you may find the Scientific Workplace Macros most useful.  I have typed in macros for most of the keyboard shortcuts available with Scientific Word.  I have also done this for MathType.

Microsoft Word does not have keyboard shortcuts built in for most of its mathematical symbols.  So, I have created them to match MathType's, for the most part.  I don't know how to import and export keyboard shortcuts from Microsoft Word.  Furthermore, in my experience, Microsoft Word is extremely slow when there are equations showing (even with large amounts of memory), so I wouldn't recommend putting that much time into it.  Anyhow, here is my file, which you could rename and edit or use as a template.

Okay, here you go: my macro files.  You can export the macros you want following the instructions on the screen.  This works most smoothly in conjunction with NatMerge, the Utility to Merge Global.dvc files.

Disclaimer: I did not write all of these macros.  I am certain that they do not all work.  I have not debugged all of them.  If they don't work, edit them yourself!

My global.dvc file, if you want to just choose your macros selectively and paste them into your global.dvc file.

Good luck!